DO Points Reward

What is DO Rewards?

DO Rewards is a program designed to reward our customers with points. Our customers may then use the points to redeem a small reward as a token of appreciation.

How to use the DO Rewards?

1. Look for the BLUE button that says DO Rewards

2. Select Join Now if you haven't create an account on or Sign In if you've already have an account

3. Your accumulated points can be seen here and to redeem, select the redeem button when you have sufficient points

4. After successfully redeeming, copy the discount code by pressing the button circled in orange color.

5. You may use the discount code upon check out here by pasting the code in the Discount Code box circled in orange color. Click Apply to utilize the code.

6. You may already see the discount code being utilized. Bear in mind the code and only be used once! If there are any more enquiries about the DO Rewards system do drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.